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Hello Dirt Brothers and Sisters! I know you enjoy the Dirtbrothers website because each day nearly 400 of you send me emails telling me so. Lots of those emails ask me how someone can become a Dirt Brother (or Sister)... I've resisted memberships because I wanted to keep the site free of all charges, but the site has grown so large (300mbs, with files on 3 servers as of the May update) that now I've got a $70 monthly overhead just to keep it going. I've used all of the t-shirt monies for this purpose. Many of you have offered your help, and even sent me cash in the mail!----  wow you all are great!  I've got an ambitious set of plans for the future and you can be a part of it.

I want to get a server and plan to feed videos of digs out to you. I want to get some more t-shirts and print some bandannas up as you've requested. I want to be able to travel to you and film you and your friends rescuing artifacts.... I want to complete 25 episodes of the Dirt Brothers TV show. Most of all, I want to keep offering you space for your collections on this website and to keep the site growing and free to access forever!

You can make this possible!

For just $5.00, you can become a card-carrying Dirt Brother! You'll receive a laminated membership card and 10 percent off of any Dirt Brothers merchandise.  For an extra $5.00 you can get a handsome laminated 8-1/2" x 11" full color certificate of membership to hang on the wall.

Your membership includes this laminated card!

Order this laminated 8 x 10 Certificate of Membership!
(multi-year members get this for free)

For true afficionados, you can sign up for a 10 year $50.00 membership and get a laminated 8-1/2" x 11" full color certificate of membership to hang on the wall, as well as the membership card and a 10% discount on merchandise.
The extra money you send will help pay for Dirt Brother server space.

Current Life Members include Quinn Elliott (above), Jeff Cooper, and David Zettner

For the true Angels out there who can afford it, I've got a Lifetime Membership for $500.00----> for this you get all the items listed above plus one free piece of all branded merchandise we will produce including dvd's of all Dirt Brother videos, a new t-shirt every year, and invites to special Dirt Brother events. What can I say.... You are the top o' the heap! I'll be looking for special goodies for you all of the time.

In addition, I'll be starting up a database of members which you can use to locate Dirt Bros in your area.... start your own Dirt Brothers chapter!..... hey, this ought to be fun!

Thanks again for nearly 5 years of nice letters and fun digs with all of you who've come down to Austin! This site is yours! I can't wait to greet all the members!
Bob Wishoff
owner, webmaster,

Best of all, you can sign up and pay online with Paypal!
1 year Dirt Brothers membership
($5.00 + $1.00 s&h)
1year Certificate (optional)
($5.00 + $1.00 s&h)
ANNUAL Membership
($5.00 + $1.00 s&h)
10 Year Dirt Brother Membership
($50.00 + $1.00 s&h)
LIFETIME Dirt Brothers Membership
($500.00 ----> free s&h)

Don't want to pay online?
Send your check of money order to:
Dirt Brothers Membership
Bob Wishoff
805 Paisley Dr. #14
Spicewood, TX 78669
(Please remember to make all checks out to Bob Wishoff
and to include shipping and handling cost)

THANK YOU!   You are helping keep this site free of charge!

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